Telephone Expense Control

Telephone Expense Control

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Telephone Expense Control

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This website provides information, pricing, and online sales of Panalog Call Accounting Software for most Panasonic KX-T Phone Systems

Panalog Call Software Panalog Call Software
Panalog Call Software

$195.00                                           add to cart 

- Ability to measure and evaluate all SMDR activity
- PanaLog puts you in control and lets you view all call activity or zone-in on specific calls, employees, dates and more with our easy point-and-click menu options
- Supports Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit processors)
- Plug and play connectivity
- Call reporting and statistics
- Generate 17 reports and 30 graphs
- Converts area codes to geographic locations for easy identification
- Logs all caller ID activity (unlimited storage)
- Monitor employee productivity
- Stop telephone abuse
- Link employee names to extensions
- Exclude owners/managers extensions from report
- Built-in PC system analysis
- Audio Music On Hold Cable & RS232 SMDR Cable Kit Included
- Training Video Included On USB Device
- DID detection
- Built-in music on hold
- One minute installation time

17 Reports/30 Graphs Include:

- Calls by Extension
- Calls by Account Code
- Call Durations
- Talk Time Averages
- Calls by Area Code
- Calls by Hour/Date
- Line Usage/CO Lines
- Most Frequently Called Numbers
- Calls of Longest Duration
- Call Accounting-Billing
- Caller ID or DID
- Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls
- Data Reports include International, Local, Long Distance, and Toll Free reporting; as well as Ring Duration; Calls not answered
- Can be installed on your existing computer

Compatible with the following systems:

- KX-TD500/1232/816/308
- KX-TA1232/824/624/308
- KX-TDA50/100/200/600
- KX-TDE100/200/600
- KX-TAW848
- KX-NCP500/1000

NOTE: Computer Requirements:

- Windows 7 ONLY (32 or 64 bit processor)
- USB Drive
- 150MB free hard drive storage
- 9-pin Serial Com Port (or external 9-pin serial Com Port)


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