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Telephone Expense Control

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Telephone Expense Control

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PABX Call Software

Finally an affordable solution to keeping track of your telephone system. You can find out  what kind of calls are placed with up to the minute printable reports, available at the click of a button.

PABX Call Software

Compare Basic Version to Advanced Version

Summary Call Reports
These summary reports are the best reports for a general overview of telephone activity across any given day or month.

1. Monthly Summary

2. Account Codes  (Advanced Version)
Attorneys, solicitors, accountants or any profession requiring the facility to produce activity reports for calls made to or on behalf of a client for billing, would use the Account Code report. An associated name may also be added to personalize the final report.

3. Authorization Codes  (Advanced Version)
Also known as "PIN" codes, these reports are ideal for schools, colleges or anywhere where there is a need to "lock" telephones from unauthorized use whilst still allowing those with a valid "PIN" to make calls from any telephone.

4. Extension Summary
Without doubt the best report for analyzing how many calls, and how much time, each staff member spends on the phone each day

5. Half Hour Summary (Advanced Version)
The half hourly report is an excellent snap-shot of the whole day's activity

6. Top 30 Reports  (Advanced Version)
There are actually 7 separate reports contained within this one section

Trunk/CO Line Call Reports

1. Phone Line Detail Report
Choose a date range and this report shows every call on each of your lines. This report is great if you have a specific line reserved for marketing or a sub-tenant and are interested in the detailed activity for that line.

2. Phone Line Utilization Report  (Advanced Version)
This report is a great summary of the number & duration of incoming and outgoing calls on your lines. An excellent report for judging whether you have the correct number of services for your business.

3. All Phone Lines Busy Report  (Advanced Version)
This powerful report identifies times when all your telephone lines were busy, therefore preventing your clients calling in, or your staff calling out. Watch out though, this is a really processor intensive search so run this report overnight!  

Outgoing Call Reports

1. Number Search  (Advanced Version)
Want to know who called that expensive Premium rate service? Or how many times you call your other office? Enter the full number or just the first few digits and run your search.

2. Extension Report  (Advanced Version)
Every call made (and received) by each of your telephone extensions can be listed with this report. Filtering options allow you to refine your search to a single extension or a range of extensions.

3. Department Report
Like the Extension Report in content, the Department report lets you create internal groups of Extensions (eg Sales, Service) and report on the calls for the each member of the department and the department as a whole.

4. Extension Markup/Discount Report  (Advanced Version)
Seldom used report but handy if you want to uplift (or discount) the call charges for a specific extension or range of extensions, for example in a Serviced Office.

5. External Call Diversion Report  (Advanced Version)
This report keeps track of calls where your staff have diverted their phone to an external number, a mobile (cell) phone for example. The report helps you identify not only costs but also might highlight inappropriate use of the diversion facility.

6, 7 and 8 Destination Summary  (Advanced Version)
Calls are summarized by call type, Local, Regional, National, Mobile, International.
There are actually 3 individual reports based on Extension Range, Department range or by Account code.

Incoming Call Reports

1. Abandoned Calls  (Advanced Version)
Sometimes a caller hangs up before you answer. This does not always imply any fault on your part, the caller may have changed their mind. The Abandoned Call report provides the detail you need to identify who hangs up, how often, and how long they had been waiting.

2. Ring Time Report
This detailed report itemized every incoming call on each of your lines and shows the extension that answered the call and how long the call rang for before being answered. An easier "overview" report without all the detail is found below (5. Ring Time Summary).

3. Indial  (Advanced Version)
If your telephone system supports direct dial in facilities (DDI) where each extension can be provided their own private number then use this report to show how many calls are received on each number. If you have a Samsung DCS telephone system you can also name each DDI number and assign numbers to marketing campaigns (eg Yellow Pages)

4. Extension Report  (Advanced Version)
This report provides all the detail of incoming calls that terminate on each
of your extensions. One or a range of extensions can be selected and you
can include Outgoing calls in the report as well.

5. Ring time Summary  (Advanced Version)
Great report that shows your overall performance in answering calls. For each half hour through the day you can view how many calls were answered within 10, 20, 30 seconds etc. You can adjust the time breaks yourself so that it might be 5, 10, or 15 seconds or whatever time frames suit your business.

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